Thoughts for the Upper Room

Thoughts for the Upper Room’ is a collection of reflections which can be used by all.  They are a ready-to-use comprehensive collection written in simple and conversational style. Though they are not arranged day-wise and cycle-wise the topics cover almost everyday of the liturgical year. For between the two-year weekday and among the three-year Sunday cycles, there is some overlapping of themes. They can almost be improvised and used for any occasion in the life of the community. The reflections on the lives of the saints are by no means exhaustive. Besides, the focus is on the readings for the feast day and not on the life itself. Of course, the indexes (alphabetical and scriptural) at the end of the book will be of great practical help to the everyday preacher to locate a topic/theme he/she needs.

Pages: 344

Price: Rs 125

ISBN: 81-7109-708-1

Publishers: St Pauls, Bombay, India, 2004.

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