Media Ethics

Course Description:

Good reporting is not the only skill necessary to make a news organization reputable. To gain the trust of viewers, listeners or readers serious consideration must also be given to ethical situations that may arise during the course of reporting. In addition to that, the prevalent media laws must be well understood by every reporter editor and must be followed at all times. Some of the objectives of the course are: To understand the duties and the rights of a reporter or editor; To understand the tricky dilemmas involved in news reporting; To understand various national and international laws that governs the Press.

Course Contents:

Brief History of Press Laws in India: Before and After Independence, Freedom of Expression and Speech under the Constitution of India, Laws Governing the Reporting of Court Proceedings and the Proceedings of Parliament and State Assemblies, Laws against Defamation and Libel, Official Secrets Act and Right to Information, Copyright Laws, Cyber Laws, Laws Concerning Airwaves, Self-Regulation: Conventions and Norms. Press Council of India, Rights, Duties and Liabilities of Proprietor, Printer, Publisher, Editor, Author, Journalist, Contributor, Vendor, Media Ethics: Ethical Decision Making (Ethics and Media Practitioners, Relationship Between Ethics Political and Social Issues, Economic Issues in Relation to Ethics) Theoretical Approaches to Ethics (The Golden Mean, the Categorical Imperative, the Principle of Utility, the Veil of Ignorance, Judeo-Christian Ethics). Credibility as an Economic Incentive for Ethics (Credibility and Profit, Impact on Other Industries) Fundamental Ethical Standards (Accuracy, Objectivity, Fairness and Balance, Fakery, Truth, Integrity of Sources), Conflict of Interest, Codes of Ethics, Moral Reasoning Processes for Ethical Decisions, Ethical Situations and Dilemmas (Business v/s Profession, Freebies and Junkets, Anonymous Attribution, Checkbook Journalism, Right of Privacy v/s Public Interest) Sensationalism, Decency and Good Taste (Direct Quotations, Correction of Errors, Fiction and Fact, Impact of Current Trends on Ethics (Economic Demands on Media, Globalization and War on Terror). International Humanitarian Law and Conflict Reporting.

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