Social Philosophy

Course Description: It emphasizes the social character of mankind and seeks to interpret the significance of the special aspect of human life. It describes the basic concepts of society, community, and association, institution, organization, attitudes, role, status, ethnocentrism, and values and norms. It also deals with alienation (economic, class and racial) and caste discrimination. In this regard, we will also study the social philosophies of Gandhi, Marx, Martin Luther King, Ambedkar and other prominent social philosophers.

Course Contents: Introduction, Man as Social Animal, Social Thinkers: Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Hegel, Habermas, Karl Marx, Gandhi, Ambedkar, The Problem of Social Discrimination, The concept of alienation, economic, racial, linguistic, and caste, The Concepts of Common Good and State, The natural basis of Common Good and the State; the conception of Organic and Social Differentiation; the idea of Common Good and Spiritual Good; State and Country; different aspects of State: force, law-giver, power, as Mechanism, etc.; the understanding of various institutions: Education and Industrial, Towards a New Society.

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