Onward to a Media Friendly Church


Generally, the Church was media shy; it sought to keep the media at an arms’ length fearing bad consequences. Some in the Church saw the media as devil’s work. It took a real media explosion for the Church to awake from its media slumber, to take notice of its effects on the members of the Church and populations at large. By the time the Church woke up it had a lot of catching up to do in the field of media. Small baby steps were taken by creating a Pontifical Council for Communications, a World Communications Day, Vatican Television was launched, Popes themselves began to use the social media. In this contribution we would like to discuss how can the Church be media friendly and media savvy. To begin with the Church needs to understand Communications Media, Media Culture, Its Gatekeepers. Later, look into the Present Trends in Media and make sense as to how to effectively use the media, especially social media, for Church Apostolate.

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