News & Contemporary Issues

Course Description: This course will comprehensively cover all current newsmakers and events. The participants will also get a chance to discuss and debate contemporary issues.

Course Contents: Unit 1: International – Daily international news (newspapers, radio, TV), Background to the daily news, chief personalities figuring in current news reports, relevance of these reports to India and the world community, important actions taken by the UN in the last ten years, regions in conflict. Unit 2: Domestic – Daily domestic news, Background to the news items, prominent personalities figuring in current news reports, important bills, acts and constitutional amendments passed by the parliament over past five years, important Supreme Court rulings over past five years. Unit 3: Economic – Regional economic groupings of the world and their functioning, the European Union and its expansion, the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, World Economic Forum, profile of the Indian economy (industry, agriculture, infrastructure, growth rates, world ranking, role of planning, budgets, and government policies), the world’s top 15 economies. Unit 4: Issues for discussion – Globalisation, the environment, US dominated world order – politically, culturally, and economically, Parliamentary Vs Presidential form of government, Indian Constitution – does it need a change? Naxalism and Marxism, clash of civilizations, should the nuclear club remain exclusive? Criminalisation of politics, reservation, restructuring the UN. Unit 5: Science & Technology – space and planetary probes, The US and Russian Space programmes, European space programmes, China’s and India’s space programmes and plans to send manned mission to Moon, Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, Nuclear power production and risks, cloning.

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