New Media

Course Description: Internet has penetrated almost every aspect of human life. Journalism too has been undergoing changes under its effect. Aspiring journalists today need to be familiar with cyber journalism and the basics of web designing. This course has been designed keeping this in view.

Course Contents: Unit 1: Specialized coverage – Disaster & crises coverage; Science and Technology; Environment, Poverty, and Gender. Unit 2: Convergence: What is convergence? Emergence of convergence and its effects on broadcast media; Language, structure and technology of new media; Creative, Business, Technical skills in convergence media programming. Unit 3: Cyber Media: Cyber Journalism:  History of Internet; Comparison of Cyber media with Print, TV & Radio; Writing for web media; Online as publishing medium; Online as an advertising tool; Why Print & Electronic Media networks are going on the Net? Impact of web journalism on the reading habits of people and media industry; Analysis of important Indian news-based websites; Concept of e-governance & e-learning; Writing for blogs.

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