Media Arts: Cyber Media

Course Description: No aspect of today’s world has been able to escape the influence of the World Wide Web. Journalism has also been revolutionized with the inclusion of the Internet for newsgathering and news dissemination. The participants will be made familiar with online organization, process, and strategies as well as Internet tool kits, servers, and other aspects of the virtual world.

Course Contents: Unit 1: Introduction to Internet – history and development, WWW, W3C, Revenue generation, Internet tool kits: server, IP address, URL, ISP, Networking, Browsers, Search Engines, Domain, Domain Name, Home Page, Hyperlinks, etc., Unit 2: Cyber Journalism – Comparison of Cyber Media with Print, Radio, and TV, Internet Radio, Online as a publishing medium, Basic rules of online writing, content writing, blog making, advertising on net; Print and electronic media networks going on the Net, Impact of Web Journalism and Reading habits, Web Journalism as a career, Cyber Laws. Unit 3: Web Designing – Web Design guidelines, Planning your website, Design patterns, Word Press.

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