Media and Society

‘Media and Society’ is a study of Media, Economics, Human Rights, and Sociology.

It is an attempt to bring together significant topics from Media, Economics, Human Rights, and Sociology in one place and provide useful references to students, faculty, researchers, and other interested readers. Media is supposed to be the objective chronicler of events in society. In this sense media makes the first draft of history performing a great service in society. But lately there is a near unanimous view that media too have succumbed to a post-truth world. Some even go to the extent of thinking, suggesting that media may be in fact contributing to such a world through its misplaced agenda-setting function. Media is closely related to the economic and social activities that go on in society. And media is looked upon as a watchdog on human rights. An elaborate index helps the reader to take in the most necessary topics easily.

Pages: 360

Price: Rs 450

ISBN: 978-93-86516-40-4

Publishers: Asian Trading Corporation, Bangalore, India, 2018

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