Mass Media Industry

Course Description: The knowledge of Mass Media as a corporate enterprise is necessary for a complete understanding of mass communication. Today’s media is increasingly market driven, and the participants will learn about the various branches in the mass media industry and various aspects of the industry such as ownership patterns, legal issues and laws, and organisational structure.

Course Contents: Unit 1: Media as an industry – Journalists becoming managers, ownership patterns in Print Media, ownership patterns in Broadcast Media, Organisational structure, field trip to media industries. Unit 2: Contemporary Practices – Overview of Indian Media market, Growth of the Indian Print Business: Problems and Prospects, Growth of the Television Industry: Problems and Prospects, Radio Industry: Growth, Problems and Opportunities, Indian Film Industry: Growth and success story, problems and prospects, Overview of the Indian Music Industry. Unit 3: Media and Globalisation – Foreign equity in Indian Media, the concept of global media, Global Media Giants, Critical analysis of media globalisation.

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