International Communication

Course Description: This course provides an overview of international communication and the political, sociological, cultural and economic forces that are behind the gathering and disseminating of news and entertainment content among various communication systems in the world.

Course Contents: Communication in the colonial times; origin and growth of international news agencies; the advent of popular media; the cold war and international communication; UN Declaration on Freedom of Information, 1946; Adaption of UDHR 1948, Article 19 of UDHR; Formation of Nonaligned News Agencies Pool (NANA Pool);the demand for a New World Information and Communication Order; MacBride Commission and its report: ‘Many Voice, One World’;  Denouncement of MacBride report by  Voices of Freedom Conference  of  Western media; Birth of International Programme for Development Communication(IPDC), ‘Free flow of information’; Modernization Theory; Dependency Theory; Critical Theory; Media/Cultural imperialism and the four epochs of colonialism, Electronic Colonialism Theory. Free trade in communication product and services; the globalization of telecoms; the global satellite industry; convergence; global news and information networks; case studies of Hollywood, BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera; concerns for cultural diversity; counter flow in global media; The dawn of the Internet age; Internet as a new communication platform; internet and a ‘free flow of commerce’; the global digital divide; Intellectual Property issues in the digital age; international communication – continuity and change.

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