Information-Knowledge-Wisdom: The Use of Media in Education with Special Reference to Covid 19


Information-Formation-Transformation can be the core guiding principle in education. A teacher obviously imparts new information to the students. Today the world is full of information. But information must be converted into knowledge and knowledge should result in wisdom, to distinguish right from wrong. In so far as the students have joined an educational institution they are under formation; parents entrust their children in the hands of teachers to form them. They have to be molded for their own and for the betterment of society. Formation involves inculcating values. This of course is a very delicate job, which must be done gently and with care. The purpose of education should be to form wise individuals and not necessarily oriented to securing a job. The modality of imparting information, formation, and transformation took a different turn with the onset of the virus pandemic. If the use of media in education was optional and limited in the pre-Covid times, the same became a necessity during the pandemic period. This contribution would like to explain in some detail how this challenge was met. One of the positive outcomes of the pandemic is the world’s newfound appreciation of teachers. Teachers are finally recognized as being more than sources of information and knowledge to empty vessels and are looked on as being models of strong character, patient and loving caregivers, and treasures of valuable life experiences. They are appreciated for their adaptability, especially to entirely new media communication technology, and resilience.


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