Ideology and Truth: Getting Behind the Clamour of Hindu Nationalism


Ideology is the potent force that keeps movements and political parties going. We see this in different epochs of human history. Ideologies and their felt evil effects – especially of Nazism, Fascism, and Communism – are vivid in people’s memories. Hard-line ideological following is a hindrance to truth. The Sangh Parivar aims to unite Hindus through hard-line ideology. But the Hindu ideology propagated by radical organizations, under the umbrella organization of RSS, is an affront to the social, secular and democratic polity of India. The past setbacks to the country and grievances of Hindus are re-called by the vested interests of a minority within the fold of Hinduism. The ultimate aim being capturing and retention of political power, to implement their hidden agenda. It is pseudo-nationalism, to say the least. The after effects of such misplaced nationalism can only be disastrous for India in the long run. By pushing the minority communities to the wall, it will undermine unity in diversity, which is the very beauty and essence of India.

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