Furthering Sustainable Development - The Role of Three Indian Media Outlets: The Hindu, India Today, and NDTV


Today there is a general realization that development involves not simply transfer of technology but also the communication of ideas, knowledge, and skills. Media and communication can play a great role in helping the masses to break free of their stupefying bonds of traditionalism. Conceptualization of communication as a dynamic support to development projects and activities has been known as Development Support Communication (DSC). A DSC specialist has the job of bridging the communication gap between technical specialists with expertise in specific areas of knowledge – health, agriculture, public transport – and the users who are in need of such knowledge and its specific applications to increase productivity, improve their health, and to improve performance. This contribution would like to study the DSC role of three media outlets in India - India Today, NDTV, and The Hindu. The study would seek to find out whether these media outlets facilitates in including the voices and views of those most affected by developmental issues – usually the poorest and most marginalized people in society.

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