From News to Good News

From News to Good News: The Word of God @ Daily Life VOL 1 is a collection of in-depth reflections on the Word of God. One will receive 151 reflections in one place on significant themes in the Bible. They cater to all the three cycles (A, B, and C) of the Liturgical Year. The reflections are done keeping in mind the importance of reading, understanding, and interpreting the Word of God in today’s context. Media provides News (information) but Bible provides Good News (words of eternal life). It is of utmost importance to connect, relate the News to the Good News. Thus, News can be looked at from the eyes of faith, which is aided and enhanced by the Word of God. It is hoped that this volume will go a long way in providing valuable resource for personal enrichment, and interpretative sharing of the Word of God in the context of the Holy Eucharist, Prayer Sessions, and Retreat. This is fr. Arackal’s 9th Book.  Purchase of this book will go a long way in supporting the media mission of the Dominicans in India.

Pages: 445

Price: Rs 900

ISBN: 978-93-89069-99-0

Publishers: Omega Book World, Bangalore, India, 2022

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