Artificial Intelligence: Prospects and Perils


The AI revolution, now in its initial stages, is here to stay and set to advance to unfathomable horizons. AI has been useful because it has made substantial contribution to society. However, according to some the hype over (overpromising of) AI benefits have to be avoided because it could cause an AI winter tomorrow. At the same time the fear mongering by certain influential people is causing people to rethink the value of AI. Some others argue that the potential for an AI winter is slim and the fear mongering is misplaced. The AI revolution has brought to the fore the human-machine tussle (in a way friendly) as never before. In this tussle what has got highlighted once again is the richness and uniqueness of the human person, created in the image and likeness of God. No machine, however advanced (“super intelligence”) can ever replace human empathy, faith, interpreting, intuition, love, trust, and understanding.

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